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Is Scooby Doo villain a valid career path?

Yes it is. It completely is.

Well then Claire; I think its time to re-evaluate our future plans…

Where can we find brilliant costumes and places to hide in/destroy their reputation without actually doing anything damaging to people or society at large? Because if I ever find such a place… well.

Hmmmm I say we get crafty and then…haunt Glendon? Rob Ford’s house? I’ll get back to you on that one…

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This is a great homemade Halloween decoration!  It was made from scraps for under twenty dollars, though I’m betting that it took a lot more time than most of us would willingly pour into holiday décor.  Here are some photos of Lovecraft’s real gravestone along with an analysis of 170 items fans have left in tribute.

"This was my entry for the annual Haunt Forum’s $20 Prop Building Contest.

I’ve always wanted to do a H.P.Lovecraft tombstone to add to my cemetery and have had this idea brewing for a while. The back-story is that someone, using pages from the Necronomicon, tried to raise H.P.Lovecraft from the dead. Instead they called up something unspeakable from beyond, that broke out of the tomb to gain access to our world. Making this for $20 was certainly a challenge but it was a great excuse to get building and finish something early for a change. Here is my parts list/costs along with construction details.”